No Longer Belong [poem]

No Longer Belong - by Me

just once, show me that you care..
that we're fine, just need some repair..
twice now, that you just stand there and stare..
tell me now, if you need a break, needed some air..

share with me, what I did wrong..
i'll fix it, all day; all night long..
if you're done holding on, no need to prolong..
tell me to let go, that we're no longer belong..

if it makes you feel any better..
i'll write you 'It's not you, it's me' letter..
don't need your pity, I'm not a beggar..
go on now, pack your bag, just keep the sweater..

Just a poem! Not going through a break-up or anything ^^,


Once (POEM)

Once   --  by Me

once..there's you and i..
once..there's laughter and smile..
how i longed for it to last..
how i knew it's all in the past..

once..i'm all you need..
once..you're mine to keep..
how i believed i'm the one..
how i denied what you've done..

once..you bought me rose..
once..you held me close..
how i cherished our love..
now you've crushed my soul..

once..there's no one but me..
once..you smiled just for me..
how i was your pride..
now you've changed your heart..


Manchester United vs. FC Basel (UEFA Champions League)

UEFA Champions League: Group Stage Match 2 
Manchester United (England) VS Basel (Swiss)
Old Trafford, Manchester United, England

United's starting Line-ups. Berbatov should've played instead of Giggs. I love Giggs, he's a great player, but Berbatov deserves better than to be a substitute
Welbeck praised by Evra for his second goal against Basel; assisted by Ryan Giggs's excellent pass

Fabian Frei shocked United's back with his 1st goal for Basel on the second half, making United 2-1 Basel

Alexander Frei puts Basel on the lead as he scored his second goal, making United 2-3 Basel. What a hectic moment for Manchester United players and fans
Ashley Young rises as United's hero with his superb equalizer; ending the match with ManUtd 3-3 Basel


I Know

The sun's shine
The moon's beam
The sky's blue
The stars' light..
All reminded me of you..

The baby's gurgles
The cats' meow
The dogs' bark
The goats' baa..
Made me think of you..

The way you talk
The way you smile
The way you nod
The way you laugh..
I know you love me..

The way you touch
The way you hug
The way you hold
The way you tremble..
I know you want me..


Sweet Pie

You charmed me with your look
You caught me by heart
You hooked me with your cook
BUT you crushed me at last.

You swayed me good
You deceived me hard
Thinking that you are true
Realized that you are not.

You promised me I'm the one
You told me I'm the special one
You convinced me I'm the right one
Then you declared she's the chosen one.

Then now I say
Your life will be in despair
You'll get scars you can't repair
You'll feel pain you can't bear

Now remember sweet pie
Payback is on its way
You'll wish I was there
Trust me as I swear.


Belog Lana: All this things are cute. Read it!

Belog Lana: All this things are cute. Read it!: "Situation 1: Teacher: Where's your homework? Girl: Um... (looks to boyfriend for help) Boy: It was my fault. Sorry. Girl: (whispers) What ..."

Between this, amid that

You confused me,

BETWEEN fire and ice

AMID pearl and dust..

You baffled me,

BETWEEN caress and slaps

AMID heat and cold..

You puzzled me,

BETWEEN shouts and compliments,

AMID pearl and gems..

Thus I dare you

Let me in, be my core,

Stand by me, heal my soul..